Yasser Mekky is a highly qualified and seasoned legal counsel. With over 16 years of diverse experience in legal counseling, Yasser has a solid understanding of a wide variety of legal situations and the specific guidance which they require. Yasser listens more than he speaks, and this innate personality trait which he possesses is at the core of effective legal counselling. Committed to ongoing education, determined, independent and a team player, Yasser always aims to provide the best service possible, no matter the circumstances.

Yasser is a specialist in the drafting of legal documents. He additionally provides counsel in matters of personal status, commercial law, and labor law, as per UAE laws.

Yasser also works in Intellectual Property and Legal Technology, and certificates in both fields attest to that.

Regarding education, Yasser studied Civil Law and graduated from Alexandria University’s Faculty of Law in 2005. 16 years later, in 2021, he studied Corporate, Commercial, Contract and Employment Common Law in Illinois University, USA. All throughout 2020 and 2021, Yasser has managed to complete a wide array of bilingual courses including Technology & Innovation for Legal Professionals, Arbitration & Mediation under WIPO Rules, several Intellectual Property courses, and Drafting Legal Documents.

Yasser has acquired a great deal of work experience from 2005 until 2021. In 2005, as an Egyptian lawyer and legal counsel, Yasser worked extensively in litigation and specifically in corporate commercial issues, personal status issues (UAE personal status), family law and inheritance matters. He also worked and specialized in Intellectual Property Rights and drafted bilingual contracts and legal documents. He additionally worked in arbitration. He is a member of Egyptian Bar Association.

In Egypt, Yasser worked in the legal field for more than 13 years. Upon his 11th year in Egypt, he set up his own law firm office and through it founded many commercial companies dealing with “the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce.” He has diverse experience in civil, criminal, labor, commercial and arbitration cases.

Yasser is currently a legal counsel based in Dubai. He has extensive knowledge of UAE laws and litigation. He won 29 lawsuits and continues to aim for constant excellence.