Mohammad Alshraideh has over 20 years’ experience in the Middle East with extensive practical expertise in commercial, banking and Islamic finance litigation. He has a deep understanding of arbitration procedures and the enforcement of arbitral awards within the UAE courts. He has successfully advised on and conducted litigation for many international clients, and has extensive experience representing companies and high net worth individuals, whether in the GCC or across the MENA region.

Mohammad started his career in the law in Amman-Jordan until 2007. He worked on several private projects on developing laws and legislations in Jordan. Also, Mohammad had worked on many cases and public opinion issues cases that involved highly complicating factors and that have great value. Mohammad had also worked on many arbitration related to construction disputes, such as Queen Alia International Airport dispute and King Abdulla Parks in Amman; commercial maritime, compensation and tort law cases as well as shipping vessels disputes under Hamburg Rules 1978, including but not limited to a famous vessel’s incident “Benegas”.

Mohammad had also worked on many strategic cases that were related to governmental authorities and ministries in different jurisdictions. Mohammad had distinct achievements in many highly important litigations and has positive role in laying unique judicial precedents in many contemporary fields of law.

Mohammad had participated in establishing many private non-profitable organizations, associations, educational and academic centers. The unique litigations that Mohammad works on, further enhanced his skills and capabilities to work on very complicate nature and distinct litigations and arbitrations, both Ad Hoc and institutional, in different fields, including but not limited to construction, civil, commercial, maritime and intellectual property, both on the quantitative and qualitative levels

Mohammad worked in UAE as partner in the dispute resolution practice at Baker Mackenzie Habib Al Mulla, from Jan 2008
until March 2019 for a period more than 11 years, through which he was the head of the Commercial, Civil and Banking
Department. During Mohammad working as a partner in Baker Mackenzie, he worked on many banking litigations that
provide him with superior qualifications in the similar disputes, said litigations involved the following matters:

  • Overseeing a partially Islamic-financed project dispute which entails the recovery of AED750 million and a precautionary attachment over one of the most sophisticated technology centers in the MENA region.
  • Acting for a privately held diversified holding company where a bank had claims for AED 90 million based on a Commercial Corporate Guarantee. The client did not recognize the validity of the bank guarantee for different legal and factual reasons and that the claim amount was settled by the original debtor. A counter claim was filed since the Bank and the original debtor had bad faith and illegitimate side agreements which affect the financial position of the client worth AED 500 million.
  • Acting as local counsel on multiple cases for a UAE securities company on claims resulting from investors’ failure to settle their accounts.
  • Acting as local counsel, managing and supervising various local and international class (A) banks in cross border multi-jurisdictional disputes.
  • Worked as partner in different litigations filed by local and foreign banks against Al Ghosaibi Family, worth of which reached to an amount of AED nine billion.
  • Mohammad had represented the following banks, in many of their litigations, namely, Emirati Dubai National Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, HSBC Bank, Citi Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Standard Charter Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Ajman National Bank, Um Al Qowain Bank and several other banks.
  • Mohammad has worked as a leading partner of Syndicated Loan case worth more than billion AED, during which he represented 7 banks, including the leading bank of the Syndication. He also represented the banks in their claim against one of the leading and largest companies and centers in UAE, which includes disputes to upheld and execute global assignment agreement, global secured accounts, possessive mortgage deeds, and property mortgage deeds.
  • Mohammad also worked as a leading partner and supervisor on a several banking disputes filed by or against banks and subsidiaries stock exchanged companies, that worth hundreds of millions, including an extraordinary case that contains many legal complications, both civil and criminal. Said case was related to forgery of banking documents to steal one of the national bank’s money that worth of millions to buy an English Soccer Clubs in the United Kingdom.

Mohammad had managed to get conclusive judgments in favour of the banks he represented that had tremendously raised the trust in his qualifications as an expert legal advisor in banking sector.

Mohammad has worked on several construction disputes, both the governed under FIDIC or local regulations, where he had been appointed to represent large construction companies in their disputes related to huge development projects in United Arab Emirates that amount to billions of AED.

Mohammad managed to achieve positive conclusive judgments for the companies he represented as well as enforcing most of the judgments he achieved and solved other cases through settlements or through ADR. One of said construction disputes was for one of the largest construction companies in the UAE against a large UAE master developer in relation to breach of construction contract, where Mohammad managed to successfully obtain a judgment for AED 250 million in favor of his client. Mohammad has also worked on many huge real estate disputes s for giant real estate companies in UAE.

Mohammad worked on many disputes in the trade, commercial and corporate sector, including disputes between shareholders as well as claims for commercial companies, contracts as well as enforcement of local and foreign arbitration awards pursuant to New York Convention regarding Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards, where he managed to successful get conclusive judgments in favour of the clients he represented, which were from the intermittent cases that the UAE courts upheld enforcement of arbitration awards pursuant to said New York Convention. Mohammad has represented several prominent companies in their arbitration claims internationally and locally. He managed to win many cases, regardless its complicated nature.

Mohammad also worked as a leading partner very high-profile cases including but not limited to the following matters:

  • Acting for Fal Petroleum on a case worth more than 5 billion dirhams against Sharjah Electricity Authority and the Government of Sharjah.
  • Acting for Arabtec in disputes that exceeded 3 billion AED.
  • Advised and handled all matters of Abu Dhabi Investment company (ADIC).
  • Acting for Al Razi and Ibn Khaldoun pharmacies and Khaleej Center for diagnosis, which exceeded 500 million dirhams.
  • Acting for The Ministry of Finance and Real Estate Emirates Petroleum Corporation and the Emirates Foundation files.
  • Acting for Sociedad cases that exceeded one billion AED.
  • Acting for the Ministry of Finance, Emirates Petroleum Corporation and the Emirates Foundation in several complicated matters.
Mohammad worked as a leading partner and supervisor on many intellectual properties, including registrations and prevent infringement of well-known and international trademarks as well as many cybercrime cases

Mohammad had been extensively assigned, also, during his stay with Baker Mackenzie to work, in co-operation with other Baker Mackenzie offices around the world, such as in UK, France, Netherland, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Russia, …etc, on banking, commercial, civil, insurance claims, particularly maritime claims, international finance and trade law as well as general commercial and contractual work, which has the result in enhancing his qualifications and experience and boarded his comprehensive knowledge on the legalizations of other regional and international jurisdictions.


Mohammad has participated in many conferences, on local, regional and international levels in arbitration in ecommerce trade, intellectual properties, construction disputes, maritime law, cybercrimes, negotiations, and alternative disputes resolutions.


Mohammad is a member of the following bars and associations, Jordanian Bar Association, the Arab Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the Arab Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Jordanian forum for Corporate Governance.

Founding & Managing Partner