Hamad Al Rahma is an Emirati lawyer and has the right to represent our valued clients in courts and other dispute resolution institutions across the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. Hamad combines and brings about an extensive 6 years of experience in both corporate and litigation practices in reputable law firms in Dubai.  Having handled and managed matters related to government entities, semi-government enterprises, public and private joint stock companies and international corporations, Hamad is well positioned to work with clients on analysis, providing legal opinions, drafting and reviewing contacts and memorandums in both Arabic and English as well as representing clients across all levels of the judicial process Hamad’s professional experience includes working for two of the top tier law firms in Dubai, namely Baker & Mackenzie . Habib Al Mulla and BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem and Associates.

Being part of multi-disciplinary teams in both corporate and litigation practice groups, Hamad has developed a keen interest in applying international best-practices within the work environment and built a reputation for sound and creative approach to address the complexity and diversity of clients’ legal requirements Throughout his years of experience in litigation and dispute resolution, Hamad developed sound knowledge of the legal framework and procedures governing different aspects of the dispute resolution process in civil, commercial, criminal areas.

Hamad represents clients in a wide variety of sectors including aviation, maritime, construction, real estate, government entities, telecommunications and information technology.  In addition to his extensive knowledge, Hamad was able to develop a wide network across different law enforcement institutions in the UAE including Dubai Courts, Federal courts and DIFC courts, helping him deliver greater time and cost savings to his clients and contribute to favorable settlements in handled cases.