Abdel Hamid is an Associate in Dubai Office, as part of the Corporate and Arbitration department.

Abdel Hamid is specialized in companies’ law, maritime law and has unique negotiation skills as well as in conciliation and settlement of disputes amicably. Mr. Abdel Hamid is a dedicated team member and a skilled problem solver. He is currently worked and assisting in drafting contract of different kinds, such as distribution partnerships agreement, acquisition agreements, lease and sub-lease agreement, real estates sales and management agreements, He is also participating and assisting in drafting and executing different kinds of legal documents that are related to cross finance and banking transactions. Mr. Abdel Hamid has undergone several extensive training sessions and workshops held by our office, to improve his skills in the legal field and his communication and time managements skills. He has gained his degree in Bachelor of Law from University of Sharjah in 2018.