Experts have advised and urged jobseekers to never pay any recruiters in return for offering a job. It has been noted that scammers exploit vulnerable people in desperate need of a job by demanding payments or cash in exchange for a job.
Lawyers have advised and cautioned job seekers to verify the companies online before offering interviews. Consular officials also have asked people not to abstain from asking questions from the companies conducting their interviews, including inquiry regarding the company’s trade license. The recent advice and guidelines have been issued following the Dubai Police arrest of scammers who posed as recruiters and duped 150 unsuspecting people.
Those arrested had exploited vulnerable individuals by posting high-paying lucrative jobs online on various social media platforms. These enticing fake posts demanded of the candidates to send money to their bank accounts. The candidates were asked to pay hefty sums ranging from Dh 1,000 to DH 3000, claiming that they needed to cover employment costs.
Experts have opined that the first warning sign of a fake job is when a high salary is offered during financially challenging times.
The uncertain situation following the pandemic has left many people vulnerable in the open as fake recruiters step up their game to exploit those searching for a job.
Lawyers have urged caution, saying that a genuine company never demands any application processing fee. The world has changed immensely in the past few months, the threat of falling prey to such unsuspecting scammers is always present. To avoid falling victim to such scams, here are a few steps that will protect you from getting duped.
Never make cash transactions to a personal bank account
All genuine recruiters are only interested in hiring the right candidate for their company. They never opt for methods that will bring them monetary benefits at the time of hiring. Genuine companies never demand up-front payment. So if an interview or any employment discussion ceases to discuss your credentials and centers on payment, then avoid it immediately.
Cases have been reported where the job candidates have been asked to pay heft amounts to the tune of Dh 10,000 in installments. The UAE law is evident in this regard. A licensed labor supplier is not authorized by the law to accept cash or charge any workers for any expenses unless the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation gives its approval.
Consult a professional or a lawyer
A fake website can easily be identified in a minute. If you have any doubts regarding a website’s authenticity, consult lawyers, or ask a professional. They will also help you in filing a complaint with the relevant authorities. Remember, a scammer will also be successful if only a handful of job seekers fall for their scam. Proceed with caution and seek professional assistance wherever necessary.
Conduct your research
It will save you from many hassles if you call up the company to check if hiring. Also, try finding out which that company has hired recruitment firms in the past.
An important question to ask at this stage will be if the hiring company has dealings with the recruitment firm offering this job.
This may sound a bit tough, but to avoid a scam, it is imperative that you ask for the company’s trade license.
While conducting your research, try spotting if the job is too good to be true. If you are a school graduate and the job requires someone with a university education, exercise caution.
Look out for fake websites and email addresses
Scammers are very smart and invest much time in making their website look genuine. In case it is a fake website, then the emails and telephone numbers mentioned on that website would be different from the original company. Take a close look at the differences to spot any changes.
Take a close look at the email addresses. The scammers may add a comma or a hyphen to make a fake website or email resemble an actual company. In case you spot any discrepancy, then check out with the original company.
Another point to look out for if the fake website has altered the logo and company letterhead’s design and replaced it with an alternate phone number.
Check out for references on social media
In case the company offering employment is not well-known, then try finding feedback and comments online. Try finding the recruiter’s name on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. See if the company has links in the HR industry.
Why taking precaution is necessary
Different legal entities, from the Dubai Financial Services Authority to the Abu Dhabi Police and Dubai police have been regularly issuing alerts warning the people of such scams during the pandemic. The scams and fraudulent activities have increased recently, and hence there is a need to stay alert to avoid falling for such scams.
Report suspicious behavior
If you witness any suspicious activity or have been asked for payment, complain to the local police station, or inform the government authorities. Always keep a record of the emails and text messages that you undertook with the suspicious firm. Be careful and never pass out any sensitive information related to PINs or passwords. Anyone asking for such information must be reported to the authorities.