After the initial lockdown the society underwent all across UAE, restrictions put in place have been eased following which the Dubai Criminal Court has resumed hearing cases.

The court staff has resumed their duties in the courtrooms on June 14 after the court had been closed on March 17. However, the proceedings of some cases will continue to be undertaken online.

Starting this week, all defendants in police custody on minor charges will face their cases online.
However, the officials have clarified that those who were charged and were out in bail will be required to appear in court in person.

The government was aware of the need to continue criminal proceedings despite the pandemic. Hence, it had introduced remote hearings from April 19. The move was taken to pursue criminal proceedings without any obstacles.
The director-general Taresh Eid Al Mansouri informed the Dubai Courts would “save time and effort” of customers by continuing to “employ smart services” and promote its use.