Emirati attorneys aspiring to be judges have been given a unique golden chance by Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts (ADGM), the authority responsible for governing laws in the financial zones. Attorneys with experience are eligible to be trained for the Emirati Judge program.

The decision was announced in a tweet by the ADGM. Candidates who are selected will undergo training programme under the auspices of the Chief Justice of ADGM and other judges. The tweet announced that the new plan was being taken with the support of the Scholarship office. The department comes under the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.
The selected candidates will undergo a comprehensive framework that will oversee their transformation to the country’s justice sector. The ‘pathway’ to ‘the highest level in the legal and justice sector’ has been promised.

The training has been divided into four modules and spans judicial training related to common law. Overwhelming stress will be laid on commercial aw. The programme will also oversee practical training.

The entrance to the programme requires clearing of assessment, which has already been cleared by two Emirati lawyers. After the successful completion of the programme, the Emirati lawyers will be inducted into the judiciary of the ADGM courts.