Key Elements That Can Help Avoid Labour Contract Disputes in the UAE


Following are some important points to be consider that can help you avoid Labour disputes: Professional Consultation

As most of the employers and employees in the UAE are expats, a Labour dispute therefore becomes more  sensitive and demands immediate action. In addition, there are many varied concerns due to which an employee or employer makes a complaint. In most of the cases, youwould require a qualified legal consultant or a team of legal professionals to solve the matter and get justice,  . There is a lot that you will need to make sure before choosing  a law firm that provides quality services in the most cost effective manner.

Draft a Well-Defined Contract

Before entering into a labour contract, one should understand that the employment contract is the most important document that will define the relationship, rights and obligations of parties to the contract. In case of any dispute, the Court or the concerned authority will decide the matter in accordance with the provisions of the employment contract and the applicable labour law. Therefore, a well crafted employement contract is of great importance and should be drafted very carefully, in accordance with the terms setforth by the parties.  . In many cases, individuals make verbal commitments and do not include them in the contract due to which such commitments cannot be represented or challenged in the court. Therefore, you should take help of an experienced professional in drafting a well-defined contract to avoid most of the disputes that arise because of a weak contract.

Clarify Discrepancies In The Contract Misrepresentations 

All non-UAE nationals are required to sign a legal contract of employment before they can start working with their employer. There are two types of employment contracts namely, fixed-term contracts and open-ended contacts. Fixed contracts are for a longer time whereas open-ended contracts are for a shorter term that can be terminated at any time with notice. No matter which contract you enter into, you will have to clear any discrepancies at the time of the agreement.


Follow Company Rules and Regulations

One of the best practices to ensure full compliance with the labour law and avoid any disputes is to follow the company rules and regulations. Every organization is bound to comply with the employment law put in place by The UAE Ministry of Labour. Therefore, following the company policies and regulations will help you a lot in avoiding the majority of labour disputes in the UAE


Know Your Legal Rights and Obligations

One of the best practices to avoid any type of labour contract disputes in the UAE is to know all your legal rights and obligations as an employee. Most of the non-UAE nationals are already aware of the regulations and norms that they are bound to follow but under the employment law, there are several things that you might not know or miss at the time of the agreement. To avoid any mishaps, you should consult with one of the renowned Litigation Law Firms in Dubai.