How Covid-19 Changed The World And UAE

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought the world to an economic and social standstill inflicting massive changes that are unleashing far-reaching global consequences. Economies have been shattered while millions have lost their jobs. The pandemic shows no sign of abating and the changes are expected to continue for at least a year or so until a vaccine for the virus is discovered. It does not come as a surprise that many countries have resorted to new employment changes in a bid to curtail the fallout suffered from the virus. The UAE as one of the hubs of international trade is no different.

Here is the new employment update that everyone working or living in the UAE needs to know.

Remote Working During The Pandemic In The Private Sector

The percentage of a business’s workforce that can function from its offices has been restricted to 30% with exemptions having been allotted for sectors such as those of food and health. The number of customers visiting any company has also been restricted to 30%. Also, a range of protective measures is to be implemented such as inducting screening devices and checking the temperature of employees twice each working day.

Committee Established To Monitor Locals Working In The Private Industries

This move aims to promote the employment of locals for which various procedures have been adopted. This includes reviewing the process of recruitment and appointment and reviewing the information that is provided in the exit interview when a local has his or her employment terminated. Another part of the new employment law is directed at providing recommendations to the minister that will come up with measures to promote employment stability for locals.

Employment Stability In Private Industries

The new law is directed at encouraging employers to resort to other means of reducing staffing costs instead of opting for terminations. In this regard, certain measures have been conditioned with the employee’s written agreement. The employers can agree on the following options with their non-locals employees: remote working, paid leave, unpaid leave, and temporary or permanent reduction of salary.


The GPSSA (General Pension & Social Security Authority) has allowed subscriber private sector companies to delay payments to its organization for three months till May.

Daily Curfew

Relaxing its 24-hour curfew, the country now oversees a curfew from 10 pm till 6 am. Everyone has to stay indoors during this time unless they are employed in vital sectors.

Restriction Of Movement

Both the Abu Dhabi Municipality and Dubai Municipality have prohibited the transport of laborers from any other emirate into its territory or from its municipality to another emirate.

Instructions And Duties Directed At Curtailing COVID-19 Spread

This move aims to curb the violation of any precautionary or preventative measures that have been issued by the health ministry and organizations working at the forefront against Covid-19. To further prevent the spread of the virus, the authorities have been vested powers to impose penalties ranging from AED 500 to AED 50000.

With many other employment resolutions having been issued, the landscape for employees seems to be changing immensely. For a further update regarding your issues and concern please do not hesitate to contact us.