Though most of the agreements are fulfilled in the true spirit, a client may fail to fulfill its obligations and be guilty of breach of contract. The affected party may move to file a suit in this regard.

Conditions That Need To Be Fluffed To File Suit For Breach

Certain conditions must be met in local courts to file a suit for breach of contract. These are being mentioned below:

  • A valid agreement needs to be produced containing all the essential elements as required by the law. A failure to do will leave the suit null and void
  • A proof will need to be produced by the plaintiff (one filing case) that the defendant (one who violated the agreement) has engaged in the breach either in part or on the whole
  • The plaintiff must have upheld everything that was required of him/her as per the agreement provisions
  • The defendant also needs to be advised before filing a suit. Written notifications are the best option as they are clear evidence

Monetary Remedies For Breach Of Contract

Compensatory remedy for damages

In this case, the defendant will be required to pay financial damages to the tune of reimbursing the costs and compensating the claimant for the losses incurred.

Remedy for damages of liquidity

This remedy will be given in case the contract possesses a specific number.

Punitive damages

This form of remedy is not common as it is only ruled in favor of the plaintiff in case the defendant has engaged in behavior that may be classified as offensive.