As recent developments unfold, the UAE Government has taken steps to ease the restrictions imposed earlier to allow companies to go back to work. The easing of the limits has restarted economic activities. The limits are expected to decrease, further giving rise to hope that the economic conditions will soon return to normalcy.

However, despite the ease, employers should be aware of what the law has to say about returning to work. In this blog, the best law firm in Dubai will provide you answer on essential questions about a return to work so you can make this transition smoothly.

What If The Employee Comes Up With A Valid Concern Regarding Return To Work?

In this case, the employer is recommended to cater to employee concerns and consider acceding to the request if it is reasonable. If you reach an agreement with the employee, then do remember to document it in writing with signatures from both parties.

Employee Refuses To Return Without Valid Reason

If the employee fails to offer a reasonable reason to report to work, the absence will be deemed an unauthorized absence. The employer must keep regular contact with the employee and inform him/her that failure to return will be liable to disciplinary action.

What About The Salaries That Had Been Reduced

As we all know, salaries had been decreased during the lockdown. The employers are under no legal obligation whatsoever to increase the wages once the employees return to work. However, this decision is subjected to the terms of the agreement that had been agreed with the employee when reducing the salaries. This could be as per the guidelines issued by the regional government or what was agreed between the company and employees.

Can Salary Reduction Be Implemented Permanently

In case the company had informed the employee that the cut would be temporary. This step is not possible to enforce. However, if there is any employee agreement in this regard, then the salary with the reduced rate will be applicable after return to work.

The Recently Approved Regulations Regarding Covid-19 Testing By Companies

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) have directed the companies to adopt steps to safeguard the health of employees in their office premises. These include choosing the following measures:

– The temperature of employees should be taken with screening devices on the premises and symptoms should be checked twice a day

– If a possible cause is suspected, it should be referred to the health authorities, and the employee should be barred from work.

What If An Employee Refuses To Get Tested?

In this case, the concerned employee must be refused entry.

If you are facing any hurdle related to returning to work, you may seek legal redress from any reputed law firm in Dubai.